February was an incredibly busy month on the land and a wonderful month for some lovely, informative and engaging online events.

The months started with a very engaged Cross-Pollination Pod meeting, in which both the future direction and the various Pods were discussed. One outcome was that most Pods now meet regularly on the third Monday of the month. This means we now have the following schedule for Pod Meetings:

20 March (and then always the 3rd monday of the month)

* Ecofeminist
* Creative

* Ecosensual
* Research
* Food

If you wish to join one of the pods, then please send an email to hello@quinta.lgbt to get an invitation (and zoom link)

We also had another amazing Community Call, with Tom Blower giving a lot of insights into Darwin’s Theory – and especially the parts that are less commonly known and/or misunderstood! Many thanks Tom!

On the land there has also been a lot of change: We planted a number of grape vines around the property to experiment growing them. We already have “wild” grapes growing, particularly alongside the Alcaide stream, where they are growing into the trees.

We also managed to put up a pergola next to Sue’s vegetable garden, which is now a relaxing and tranquil spot! At the moment it also doubles as the “back up” terrace as the big terrace next to the main house is taken over by builders.

In addition, we continued land clearing and bed preparation. And we seeded cabbage, aubergines, leek, kale, bok choi, fennel, chilies, spinach, kohlrabi, broccoli (green) and bell peppers.

February 2023 Update

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