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Naked Men Talking (Podcast)

We talk eco-sexuality, natural wines, and feeling a connection with the natural world.

Queer vulnerability and disaster situations

Academic article about: The appropriateness of branding certain disaster events as a natural disaster continues to be academically debated, given that few disasters are solely the result of uncontrollable forces of nature, and are instead anthropogenic in their creation, or exacerbated by the relationship humans have with actual and potential hazards. Therefore, this socially constructed nature of disasters also makes groups that are marginalized within society, such as queer people, more vulnerable to these disasters. …

Benedict Morrison: EcoQueer Adventures

At the Quinta Project, we present ourselves as an ecoqueer experimental space. But what does ‘ecoqueer’ actually mean? What are its conceptual roots? And how might it provide a practically useful framework for our lives? It is, perhaps, inevitable that ‘ecoqueer’ remain a complex idea, given how contested, elusive, and slippery the terms ‘eco’ and ‘queer’ are. In this talk, I argue that it is precisely this which makes queer ecology such a productive and exciting space for politics, art, and philosophy; such slipperiness cannot help but become playful, inclusive, capacious, and experimental. Referencing poetry, film, and theory, and drawing on my experiences on the Quinta land project, I will give some idea of how ecoqueer theory has developed over the last decade and offer some tentative suggestions for how these theories might inform how we work, eat, rest, and love. Most importantly, I want to ask whether we can use these ideas to map out ways to work collectively towards an ecoqueer praxis in which theory, practice, and activism articulate new possibilities in the struggle for climate justice.

Queer Porto 8: The Quinta Project

What is the Quinta Project? What is an Ecoqueer Space? Why would you go to such a space? What does it mean to have an ecoqueer-informed lifestyle in practice?
Presentation and Discussion as part of the Ecoqueer Film Festival at QueerPorto 2022

Queer Ecology At Play

This is the sixth post in the series, Succession II: Queering the Environment, a fourteen-part series in which contributors explore topics related to unruliness, care, and pleasure. Succession II centers queer people, non-humans, systems, and ideas and explores their impact within the fields of environmental history, environmental humanities, and queer ecology.

Sunday Matinee: Gertrud Franck’s Planting System

Sunday Matinee: What is it like to be in an Ecoqueer Space?

Sunday Matinee: Ecoqueer Manifesto!

Sunday Matinee: The Theory and the Practice

Sunday Matinee: One year Quinta!