Volunteering on the farm

Join us on the land…

Calling vegetable garden caretakers, seed planters, crop harvesters, tree pruners, mushroom growers, natural builders, terrace restorators, food preservation fanatics, land clearers …

basically, anyone who has a hands-on approach to land guardianship, identifies as queer and wants to spend a minimum of 5 days with on the Land Project.

We will work together to maintain the farm and on small projects. Outside of gathering times, there are usually 2-3 people on the land.

Taking care of the land, creativity, reflection, sharing, joy and fabulousness are part of our daily practice. We are regenerating the farm to become as self-sufficient as possible. Our aim is to provide food for us as a community and for those visiting the land during gatherings or as visitors.

More information and pictures are also on workaway.

Available Dates

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Practical stuff:

Working is task-based, and around 4 hours / 5 days a week.

Depending on who is at the farm, you will be sharing the house with two to three other people.

Accommodation varies from your own room to a shared space during gatherings. Of course, tents are also welcome. Caravan access is limited.

The kitchen, living room, bathrooms and outdoor terraces are shared.

Food is free. There is porridge for breakfast, and then lunch and dinner are provided and eaten with everyone there.

All meals at the Quinta are shared and vegetarian/vegan and kitchen/cleaning duties are shared.

The Quinta is naturist-friendly and we promote body-positivity and a sex-positive atmosphere. It’s all about acceptance and making everyone feel right at home.

Travel & Leisure

We are located in the middle of the São Mamede Natural Park, close to the ancient village of Marvão, and around 10 minutes away from the beautiful town of Castelo de Vide and Valencia de Alcantara (just over the Spanish border). There are two buses a day to/from Lisbon.

There is a very active alternative and queer-friendly community in this area, with plenty of activities: yoga, 5 rhythms, guided nature walks and foraging, pizza parties, artists- and street festivities and much, much more. There are also many walks, secluded river beaches, lakes and waterfalls and plenty of other opportunities to connect to this beautiful part of Portugal. There are many prehistoric monuments, like cave drawings, monolithic monuments and the ruins of the Roman city of Ammaia.


To apply, please complete this form. We will then contact you and arrange a chat.