Hi! I’m Stephan!

I’m your host on the farm, and excited to welcome you to my place.

I’m originally from Germany but have spent most of my life living in various corners of the world (UK, Spain, Belgium, Hong Kong, …). My background is working as an academic in behaviour change. I keep publishing now and again, though have a stronger focus on queer topics and the environment nowadays . For example, you can read my latest publication about queer vulnerability and climate change here.

I started this farm and community project in 2021. Here on the farm, I host gatherings, delving into topics that range from permaculture to ecosexuality, queer theory, and activism. I also run a natural wine project nearby, the São Mamede Wine Project. I’m a gay cis-male and I enjoy opening up this farm to welcome queer people from all over the world. Apart from volunteers, I often have visitors and friends over, so the farm is a very sociable place to be.

The farm and the wine project are hobbies and vocations for me, and I enjoy it a lot when people visiting share these interests. Wine is a major passion… and if you are a wine geek, I completed WSET Level 3 last year and I am currently studying for the DipWSET. I have volunteered for many years in LGBTQ/HIV-related charities, trained in solution-focused therapy and ran workshops on Tantra and mindful sexuality. I’m also a (non-dogmatic) naturist, weather permitting. And most recently… I have started to play the piano again (I learned it as a child…).

Sharing this space are five furry companions: three dogs and two cats. Let me introduce them to you:

Lady is the “Lady of the House”. She is a pointer and loves to cuddle up under the covers with you. For the first 6 months of her life, she used to be a street dog in nearby Badajoz. She then joined me and we have been together ever since.

Shebe and Lord are two bodegueros who came to the farm in 2023. They are both young and wild. Shebe is the more timid and cuddly one, Lord is a little rascal. They are great entertainment and love to play pranks.

Puschel and Agro are two cats, who also came in 2023 to the farm. Both are in a pack with Shebe and Lord, and that makes them perfect cadogs! They love to go for walks with their friends, are very cuddly and snuggle up with Lord and Shebe.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and hope to welcome you to the farm soon!

You can also find me on Instagram as @hellost3phan