During lockdown in 2020/21 some of the Quinta Project members produced a series of videos for the online Global K(no)w Talent Show hosted by the Radical Faeries community. The group took the name of the Cologne Faery Collective, as most were based in and around Cologne at the time.

The GNTS brought together the global Radical Faery community together during a time when physical gatherings were impossible. The shows attracted a global following and quickly became a weekly, virtual meeting place that encouraged artistic responses to the Covid Pandemic (an archive of some of the more recent shows is available on FaeNet here).

Here are two of the videos produced.

Darkness Light

The first one, Darkness Light , is a collection of poems performed in different languages. All poems are reflect on the changing season and darkness/light. The video was shown at the K(no)w Talent Show in January 2021.

Friends & Lovers: Zoom

The second video, produced for the Valentine show “Friends & Lovers”, reflects on the ubiquitous Zoom-calls during the lockdown.

Cologne Faery Collective

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