Welcome and thank you for your interest in gatherings here at the Quinta. We’re excited to hear from you.

Before applying here are some things you should know about the application and selection process. The criteria for selecting participants are given in the call for each gathering. Please read them before responding and include any relevant information in your application. Your responses assist the organising team to ensure that each gathering has a diverse and relevant group participating.

After the closing of the initial registration period, the organising team for each gathering will then review the registrations and select participants. When all places have been allocated, remaining registrations are put on a waiting list. The organising team will then contact applicants to confirm who is registered and who will be placed on the waiting list.

If not all allocated places are filled, we will re-open the applications for that week.

For the initial registration, these are the important dates:

  • 1. November   opening of the initial registration period
  • 15. January closing of the initial registration period
  • 31. January allocation of places

If you have any questions about the initial registration, please contact hello@quinta.lgbt

All gatherings are free to attend. While participants will not be charged for food or accommodation it is expected that each will actively and intentionally contribute to the shape, content, environment and outcome of the week. This is a living, experimental space where we work together to practice and model the kind of interactions we wish to see more of in the world. Before applying, please consider whether or not you are committed to participating in a way that honors and celebrates the multi-faceted mission of the Quinta and that you are willing to co-create the week with your fellow participants.

We ask that you complete the following application and registration form in detail so that we can ensure that we are able to meet your expectations and needs as much as possible:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Quinta!

What do you need to work out to be here?
What do you want to leave with?
What are you bringing with you?
Please specify when.
For example, health or care needs, dietary requirements, etc.