The Farm

The Quinta Project is guided by our manifesto . This means that:

  • We seek consent in everything that we are doing.
  • We engage with each other and everybeing around us with kindness, and in a mindful way.
  • We welcome joy, pleasure and bewilderment from and with everybeing.
  • We have non-hierarchical structures and organise organically as a living system.
  • We are activists for our cause.
  • We seek and develop collaboration and partnerships .

Land Project

The Land Project is the founder’s home and a place for gatherings, volunteers and visitors (see here for opportunities to volunteer on the land project). The invitation is to put the Quinta community principles into practice and experiment with alternative forms of living and connecting while engaging with the nature around us.

The Land Project is located on a 5.5 hectare farm in the Alto Alentejo region of Portugal. You can find out more about this wonderful place and the facilities available in our DocWiki. And of course, we welcome you to visit the gallery.

On this land, and extended out from our online community, we are creating a diverse space filled with joy, respect, bewilderment and pleasure. A space where you are welcome the way you are.
Alongside each other and together with all beings, we engage in daily practices to allow room for reflection, and to contemplate our encounters and experiences.

We are working together, on the land and remotely via pods (small groups), to regenerate the land and build a home for our community.

If you are interested to find out more about the projects we are working on at this moment, have a look at our current project list. Or you can browse some examples of past projects.