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Quinter Social

It's a fun time for all the active Quinters... connect with other Quinters over some informal talk, a game or two, or just drop in for a chat. This meeting is open to everyone who has volunteered, participated in an

Quinta Community Call

Doubtful Forms - Darwin’s Origin of Species what we think we know, and what we might have missed…. Darwin’s book grew to be a “theory of everything” of its time, challenging the orthodox fixed view of nature at the time.

Ecofeminist Week

Join the circle, dear ones, for a week of embodied ecofeminism. Reconnect with nature, as nature. During our week at The Quinta Project we will create a temporary community where each one is responsible for the whole and all will


Queer Permies Pod

Calling all queer* permaculturists (and those who want to become one!) Curious about permaculture? Already love permaculture? Creating a permaculture garden? Or using social permaculture to change society? Join us to explore more, co-create and learn from each other. From

Creative Week

In July 2023, the Quinta Project will host its first creative week. Over the course of seven days, we will produce an anthology of writing and images inspired by the Quinta’s 5.5 hectares of stunning land. Beneath soaring eagles, in


Queer Book Club

About the TQP Queer Book Club The TQP Queer Book Club is a lively and engaging discussion group, where we focus on queer and/or writers who focus on sustainability. We aim to focus more on the writer and their works,

Open Week

Calling all queer* nature lovers to join us for a week of co-created fun, bewilderment, joy, reflection, pleasure and exploration. At the height of summer, we will gather in this little corner of the Alto Alentejo and share our passions

Ecoqueer Research Week

Join us in September 2023 for a week of reading, discussion, and debate on the topic of ecoqueer theory. The Quinta Project understands itself as an ecoqueer experimental space, and we will spend the week teasing out the possibilities of


Quinta Community Call

Selling Out!! The complicated relationship between commercialisation, consumption and (mostly gay) liberation From maligned minority to celebrated marketing icon: The relationship between the queer community and the wider (neo-liberal) economy is a complicated one. In the Community Call I will


FoodPod Cookalong

The Quinta FoodPod invites you to an evening of seasonal, local and vegan food and great company. We will use produce from the Quinta veggie gardens to create a meal - and enjoy it together: It's like one of the


Pod Meetings

Pod Meetings:   19:30 Ecofeminist Creative 20:15 Ecosensual Research Food   Please join the main meeting at 19:30 and/or 20:15. Each pod meets in a breakout room. Registration:


Welcome Meeting

About the Welcome Meeting The Welcome Meeting is a space to get to know your fellow community members, find out more about the project and welcome new members. Bring your questions, your energy and maybe a beverage! Accessing the Event: