The Quinta Community is blessed to have talented, creative members, artists, researchers and writers. We are grateful that they allow us to display some of their works, especially those inspired by the Quinta Project.

Queer Ecotopia?

These pictures were taken, well, at the Quinta by @Lazuli and @Stephan. They reimagine life how it could look like … see more

Out of the Closet – and Into the Woods

Moving beyond the beach and urban mainstream, queer people are seeking to use their holiday/off-work periods to create change and engage in activism. This chapter, published as part of a research anthology about new forms of LGBT Travel, uses the Quinta Project as an example of such a “holiday with a meaning” destination. [Link to follow]

Cologne Faery Collective

Several Quinta members started the Cologne Faery Collective during lockdown… here are some of their contributions.