At the moment, the Quinta Project is largely based online – with a connected Land Project (in the early stages).

The Quinta wants to be the natural home of queer* changemakers, mavericks and do-gooders around the world, so we need to create a hub for all of our members to meet, interact, share, learn and create. We want it to be an accessible, open and welcoming space. And what better place than an online space to do that.

So no matter where you are based in the world, you can join The Quinta Project folk! Come and join us!

Online Communitya place to talk, share and connect with other queer* changemakers from around the world. Join in for fun at the virtual water cooler in the Chit Chat Lounge, get inspired by the posts in the Inspiration Corner – or show and tell in the Community Corner.
Available around the clock… jump in and say hello!
MeetsMonthly member meetings, small inspiring seminars or just a virtual wine evening – you can join any of these (in the first instance) online. All meetings are video conferences (Zoom calls), and are a way to meet others live. All of these meetings are free and accessible to all members.
Have a meeting idea? Get in touch!
WorkshopsWant to learn something new? Share a passion with others? The workshops are a combination of live seminars (via Zoom for example) and online learning space, where you can get more materials, information and talk to other members doing the same workshop. Workshops can be free, though most are likely to be chargeable. All of the workshops offer a sliding scale to make them accessible.
Have a meeting idea? Get in touch!