Happy Friday - and a happy Lunar-New-Year!

Do you like to read queer-themed books and/or books dealing with sustainability or living close to nature? Then here is a special invite for you: the TQP Queer&Green Book Club! The first meeting is on 29. March, and while this may seem a long while away, there is already a lot of talk about which book to read in the Community Forum. Maybe you have another good idea? Come to the forum and share it - and we will then collect the ideas and have a vote starting on the 22 February - so you have plenty of time to get the book and read it!

Also, a quick recap: The last topic of the week, already almost a week ago(!!), generated lots of discussion and exchange of information. It was great to hear from the fantastic community that makes up The Quinta Project and sharing about their own experiences with being queer and green. Did you know, we have someone amongst us who founded an eco-project in Bolivia? Some of us have moved all around the world and are now sharing their views? And there is a lot of love for guerilla gardening! 
Of course, the topic of the week remains open, and so if you want to contribute, head over to the Community Forum!

Finally: Please let me know if you feel a calling to contribute to growing The Quinta Project. I'm especially looking for people hosting a topic of the week, organising community events or any other ideas you may have. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Have a fantastic weekend!



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