Planning ahead for queering permaculture, ecosensual, ecofeminist, creative, academic and food week next year.



Welcome to our first edition of New Moon News, our new moon cycle newsletter. The new moon is traditionally a period for planning ahead, and as we are just entering Autumn after Equinox here in the northern hemisphere, we are already planning ahead for the next year. 


Next year we are planning a series of exciting theme week gatherings at the Quinta. The intention is to bring together groups of people around a topic to live and work on the Quinta for approximately a week while thinking and also working around a key theme or topic. To help you plan ahead, here are the weeks and their dates (please note, some dates may still shift a bit!). 


Queering Permaculture

7.-14. May

A week to explore how permaculture principles can be applied to our lives as queer people, and what we can bring to permaculture by observation and practice through a queer lens. 


Ecofeminist Week

21.-28. May

A practical exploration of the intersection between feminism and ecology.


Ecosensual Week

2.-9. July

A week to explore and experiment with sensual connections with nature: a journey where we inquire our connection to the self, nature and others in community on the land at the Quinta Project


Creative Week

16.-23. July

An exploration of sight, sound, taste, touch, scent and proprioception involving the seven art forms.


Research & Academic Week

3.-10. September

A personal and academic exploration into ecoqueer theory and research related to these themes. 


Food Week

1.-8. October

A week of preserving food for the Quinta community over winter and an exploration of themes related to food and nature. 


Registration will start on the 1. November.
We will send you more information about each week, including the calls for participants and more information shortly.
If you already hold any questions, please get in contact by replying to this newsletter. 


We are all looking forward to many exciting ecoqueer experiments on the Quinta Land in 2023!


With love from the Quinta 

and all the amazing people and pods who are making these exciting weeks happen. 

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