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And here is another quick update on what is happening at The Quinta Project. I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of the events coming your way in the second half of September - and invite you to join us on our 13-week Artist’s Way group journey, which commences next Sunday (19th September).


13. September - 5:00 pm

 Gardeners’ and Growers’ Tea Time

The Gardeners’ and Growers’ Tea Time is back from September! Join Kevin and Matthias for a relaxed chat about flowers, gardens, vegetables - and anything else that comes from the earth. Tea is optional!

For more information:


16. September - 3:00 pm 

Offers and Needs Market (Post Growth Institute)

This is a Climate Coaching Alliance event in co-operation with the Post Growth Institute of interest to Quinta members:  The event will take you through a two-hour guided process in which community members meet to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, opportunities, and needs.

Watch this short video about what to expect: 

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19. September - 8:00 pm 

The Artist’s Way Creative Cluster

A 13-week journey of discovering your passions and unleashing your creativity and joy! We start the second The Artist’s Way Creative Cluster based on the book by Julia Camron this month. Join this peer-supported and facilitated group to share your journey and accompany you along the process.

For more information: 


27. September - 7:30 pm 

TQP Queer Book Club

Over the next two months, we are venturing a bit away from the conventional novel format: Join us this month for a fun conversation about Alberto Caeiro, one of the many heteronyms of Pessoa, and his poems.

And in October we talk about the graphic novelist Cyril Pedrosa. Cyril created both eco-related and Portugal-related novels. Amongst these novels is Cyril’s semi-autobiographical Portugal - and Auto-Bio, where the quest to live more sustainable takes centre stage.

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Also, behind the scenes, the Land Project group has been working incredibly hard. We now also have two complementary pods.  


The Manifesto Pod is looking at transforming our vision and mission and our ideas into a written, and importantly living document. The idea is to have an adaptable and ever evolving document that can help us to guide our future development.


The Working Persons’ Pod is embarking on making plans of how to work the land, restore buildings and create our hybrid, queer* ecovillage.  

If you wish to become a member of these pods, please send me an email at 


Lots of love from Portugal



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