Summer Work Week 2022

Come join us for our second in person community building event by working on the land at the Quinta Project for one week [if you are interested to read about the first one, please click here]

The Summer WorkWeek will take place 19. – 26. June 2022
at the Quinta Project, Marvão, Portugal

Summer is now in full swing, and so we have to make the Quinta ready for the time when it is dry and hot. This also means we are looking forward to the first harvest from the vegetable garden and some of the fruit trees at this time.

This week is a special opportunity to come and experience living in community and in nature. You will be spending time with fellow “villagers”, with space for deep conversations, intimate sharing, fun, exuberance, and perhaps a bit of bewilderment. We plan to have between 6 and 8 people staying at the Quinta during this week.

Workwise, we will prepare the Quinta for the hot summer months and lay the foundations for autumn planting. The work will also be an occasion to learn more about ecosystem restoration at the farm using permaculture principles, creating biodiversity and working in harmony with nature. The projects we will focus on specifically during this week are:

· Harvesting and planting of summer crops
· Preparation of beds for the autumn
· Creation of outdoor spaces

Every day after work, we will have time to grow our community, and connect to each other and the land. We will have varied activities, including exploring the area together, open space activities, film evening…. The accommodation will be in shared double rooms and/or shared sleeping space at Community House. All food during the week will be shared (vegetarian/vegan). To end the week, we will have a closing celebration, where we will also invite local friends and neighbours to join us.

Joining us is easy: Fill out this form or send an email to me. I’ll arrange for an online meeting, during which we will talk through all the details and make sure all your questions are answered. All accommodation, food etc is free during this week. All places are filled on a first come/first served basis.

For more information on travelling to and staying with us, visit