Hybrid Community

The Quinta Project is a hybrid community project: We are an online community where we connect, meet and do thematic work, and we gather at the land project. By adopting this “hybrid ecovillage” approach, way we can bring together our truly global community from anywhere around the world.

As a community, we are stronger through our shared experiences – online and on the land.

We share the joy and pleasure of living with nature and everybeing, Our events are unique spaces where we can experiment with what we do and how we connect to each other and everybeing. We are offering different types of events : online events and gatherings

Online and Community Events

We host regular hybrid and online events to allow Quinters who are at the Quinta and those who are away to connect. These events allow people not currently part of the community to join us from anywhere in the world. Among these events are:

  • The Queer Book Club
  • Tea in the Garden
  • Welcome & Orientation Meeting
  • Seasonal Ceremonies
  • Sunday Matinée
  • and others.

You can see a full list of upcoming events in our events calendar.


There are no upcoming events at this time


Everything we do at the Quinta we do for our community. You will never be charged for coming to the Quinta and we welcome you as friends.

Volunteering – Join us on the land!

You are invited to come and volunteer on the land. Normally there are between 2 and 3 people on the land. As a volunteer, you are invited to join us in our daily tasks and help with the running of the farm. There is no organised programme of activities, which gives you more flexibility to explore the area by yourself or with your fellow Quinters. 

Have a look here for more information about volunteering – or contact us to discuss volunteering opportunities after attending a Welcome Meeting.