queer* ecovillage and online community

The Quinta Project is a queer*-focused ecovillage project and an online community. An easy way to describe us would be to say we are a “hybrid” ecovillage: our land project in Portugal is our physical space where members can meet, stay and work in community. And our online platform is connecting community members who are not at the land project with community members around the world.

You can find out more about the land project on the dedicated land project page. If you want to connect to the online community, check out the talk.quinta forum or join us at one of our mostly virtual events via zoom, which you can find on the events page.
If you have questions about the project, we invite you to attend our Open Meetings.

We are open to queer* people who critically examine, and challenge, cis- and hetero-normativity and our allies and friends. We love the non-binary and are sex-, age- and body-positive – and anti-racist.


The Quinta Project is run by self-organising groups called “Pods”. There are three specific pods and one coordinating pod. The three specific pods are:

Manifesto Pod
The manifesto pod is the political and activist pod working on our manifesto.
Working Peoples’ Pod
The WPP coordinates the work on the farm, including restoration projects and other farm activities.
Community Pod
The community pod focuses on community outreach and internal community processes.

The Project Group, made up of everyone from the pods, coordinates between the pods – and ensures that the work that has been made by pod members is shared with the other community members.